Easy 15 Stunning Braided Hairstyles You Can Actually Do Them Yourself

For when hair just gets too damn hard.

1. The Braided Rose
How can something so intricate be so easy?!

2. Jumbo Braids
If you don’t have the time or patience for box braids, these jumbo braids by MissCharmise are a great alternative.

3. Wedding Guest Updo
Simply stunning! Delicia Ntodi’s updo is the perfect formal go-to, and it’s unbelievably easy.

4. Braidout Ponytail
AlleySinai just braided her hair into two cornrows and put perm rods at each end to get this gorge braidout pony.

5. Halo Twist Bun
Tasha Frost makes a beautiful halo crown with kanekalon braiding hair.

6. Half-Up Boho Braids
We can’t get over Kassinka’s Half-Up Boho Braids!

7. Pinned Pigtails
Sashabasha2 is a freakin’ style QUEEN! She took pigtails to a new level with a couple of hairpins.

8. 3 Pinned Pigtails
If you’re really feeling flexy, add another pigtail in the back and pin it to the front.

9. Fluffy Braid-Out with Braided Crown
NaturalNeiicey jazzed up her voluminous waves with two braids in front.

10. Pull-Through Side Braid
The best part of this braid is that you don’t even have to braid!

11. Chilli-Inspired ‘Do
Chime Edwards did a braidout to get this loose texture in the back, and flat twisted her hair in the front for this ode to TLC’s Chilli.

12. Havana Bun
Gotta love Kersti Pitre for keeping it chic and simple. Get her regal bun by braiding or twisting textured braiding hair and attaching it to a ponytail.

13. Two Havana Buns
Keep it cute with two buns instead of one, using the same Havana Bun technique!

14. Half-Up 3 Boho Braids
Take three sections and braid each of them loosely for this look.

15. Bun and Flat Twist
Ummm, yes please! We’re all the way here for Sashabasha2’s bun and flat twist in the back action.

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