Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Geeky is the new sexy, or so they say. We are living in an age when we’re spoilt for choice with the different types of frames available and glasses are no longer considered boring or unsightly. In fact, bolder frames are very much in right now. But, having to wear glasses does not mean you have to skip makeup all together. A lot of girls live with the misconception that glasses and makeup don’t go together. This is completely false. With all the amazing new formulations available, makeup is sure to look great on anyone, even with glasses. So the next time you have to go out and end up reaching for your lenses, think again, as glasses can look quite chic and sexy, given the right kind of frame and makeup. Make sure that your makeup complements the frame. For example, if it is a bold frame, you need not shy away from bolder makeup overall.

With these tips, you can rock the nerdy chic look. Keep reading to find out how to nail the look!

Primer– Always use a primer before you apply any makeup, because this would prevent the makeup from coming off and sticking to your glasses because of oils on your face.
Foundation– Blend your foundation with a damp sponge to make sure you get rid of any excess product. This would give you an airbrushed effect and ensure minimum gunk on the glasses.
Powder– A heavy duty face powder is actually great as it mattifies the face and reduces the chances of the product from being transferred to the glasses.
Eyes– Just because you wear glasses, it does not mean that your eyes won’t get noticed. It means you need to open up your eyes more. A classic winged eyeliner goes best with glasses. It opens up and lifts the eye.

Mascara– Use a volumizing mascara as opposed to a curling or a lengthening one, because curlier and longer lashes would collide with the lenses of the glasses. And always make sure you go for waterproof formulas to avoid staining the lenses.
Lips– Don’t shy away from using a bold lip shade just because you have glasses on. In fact, a bold true red or a hot pink looks amazing paired with bold glasses.

There you go, all the tips you need to nail the perfect nerdy chic look!


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