16 Tribal/ Ethnic Nail Art Designs That Will Jazz Up Your Bohemian Spirit

Are you a real bohemian style enthusiast? If yes, then summertime has apparently made your bohemian spirit fluctuations more frequent and quicker. Vibrant shades, psychedelic prints, transparent levity, jingle-jangle jewelry pieces, wide-swept lengths and au naturel makeup are what take you from morning to evening at this moment.
So what is that very accent screaming to complete your bohemian beauty right away? We suggest including these 16 awe-inspiring tribal/ ethnic nail art designs in your beauty routine as if to declare all and sundry that you are a bohemian babe from head to toe, from inside out.

1. Tickled Lilac by Bohemian Pulses

This boho-chic nail art design all wrapped with a sweet lilac shade is likely to warm the cockles of anyone’s heart. When passionate red is not the case, while blue makes you feel blue, nothing is left than jumping at the opportunity to go as an out-and-out pink girl. Coat your nail plates with that sweet pink-lilac shade, and then give a free scope to your imagination to depict some shaman-inspired images with a featherweight feather in the spotlight.

2. China Print-Inspired Blue Breeze

If your outfit includes at least one flaring element prone to be taken away by breeze, then you have no better choice than to give a try to this blue China print nail design. After coating your nail plates with a white color, plunge into painting miniature bohemian floral elements and go more and more flower child.

3. Iridescent Chaos

When your tribal spirit goes all topsy-turvy, maybe it’s high time to bring iridescent chaos unto your nail plates. That’s simple as ABC. Just band together as many colors as possible, both vibrant and muted, then start unleashing your chaotic feelings unto your fingertips: lines, zigzags, arrows and what not!

4. Intarsia-Inspired Tribal Nails

This jigsaw-puzzle-like knitting technique might embrace your nails in an ethnic manner, all inundated with colors. You can follow our mustard yellow-mint green-magenta bunch or else pick other shades to your liking and start knitting various patterns right on your nails.

5. It’s Time for Mustard Yellow

Want to make your bohemian spirit a little bit spicy and zesty? There is no better way than wrapping your nails with a mustard yellow shade. To make it look even spicier, buckle down to bring various diamond-shaped patterns unto your tribal nails for some bohemian vigor.

6. Optical Illusion Nail Art Design

If you want your bohemian nails to stay in memories longer than ever, chalk it up to this optical illusion ethnic nail design. Just bring together a plethora of colors and throw people around you into confusion through those spiral illusion images.

7. Black and White Ideology

Your black and white life ideology doesn’t yet mean that you can’t throw yourself into bohemian fluctuations. A super thin stick and loads of patience are enough to bring this miniature floral ornate nail art design to life and to demonstrate your black and white bohemian ideology.

8. Bright Psychedelic Circle

Here is another ethnic nail art design with orange and pink circles that will perfectly resonate with your summer beach moments whether you want to flatter your monochromatic swimsuit or are just after to drive all the beach men into a psychedelic trance.

9. Floral Affection

Here you are to sate your floral appetite to the fullest. Just bunch a plethora of enlivening colors together and make each of your nail plates a sample of sunny floral field.

10. Under the Sun

When the sun is shining and your heart is full of the joys of spring, nails just need to sing in unison. And it is here that you can find inspiration. Wrap all your nail plates with shining iridescent ornate circles while leaving the middle nail for a smiling energizing sun.

11. Lovey-Dovey Bohemian Feelings

You are likely to ignite some lovey-dovey feelings through your nails as well. Various floral motifs in the warmest shades of pink, orange, blue and green are potent enough to envelop your nail plates and your heart with some sweet emotions.

12. Dreamcatcher Nail Art Design

Do you keep that mystic dreamcatcher, hung over your bad to catch bad dreams and let positive ones pass through? If you are a superstitious personality, then this bohemian nail art design will be right up your alley. Coat all your nail plates with black, white and pink ornate elements while making your middle nail an ideal venue for the dreamcatcher to swing to and fro.

13. Striped Festival

Need some sportive and bohemian mélange? Here is an ideal version for your predilections. Coat your nail plates with green, blue and pink stripes and make them even more graphic by adding diamond shapes in the center.

14. Hamsa Hand Nail Art Design

Just in case you don’t know, Hamsa is considered to be the protective hand of God to hoodoo all evil forces and to defend its carrier. So this tribal nail art design is not only to unleash your bohemian spirit but also to keep you safe and sound. Apply lavender and blue shades to depict a Hamsa on your ring nail, finishing off the whole pulchritude with some abstract floral motifs.

15. Blazing Flowers

Our list of ethnic nail art designs also includes this enlivening version, tailor-made for real girls on fire. After coating your nail plates with pink and red lattice work, galvanize the scene with blazing orange flowers.

16. Black and Blue Bohemia

The last but not list boho-chic nail art design idea on our list is this awe-inspiring ornate design that’s not any easy issue for impatient ones. Get hands on black and baby blue shades and let your nail plates go denser and more and more bohemian.

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