New Bluetooth Earphone for The World of Music – PaMu Slide

Today I introduce a new bluetooth earphones called pamu slide, before going into the test of these earphone I want to explain which it’s a pity that you can’t buy these earphones today, because they are excellent. I repeat it is a very sad thing because the product is great and let’s see it as always starting from boxing. Here are the sales packages in white with the writing on the back, imported various information, include in Italian. Ok, let’s not waste any more time, let’s go to open the box. There have two of the earphones, mix of airpods traditional looks, they have both the part that goes into the ear, both the outside that goes down to flank the ears. Below there is also one small box, and always show “pamu“. We go to open here, and there is a nice little book inside Incredible, there have the Italian. Now i’m going to reload the case and then let’s see how is it going to work. The ideal is to wear the left one first, which you see just keep it for the part long and place it and it is immediately ready. Then let’s also wear the right earphones and I was trying to stop the music.

Mini Bluetooth Earphones PaMu Slide Unboxing First Views

The earbuds really fantastic and they are stable, there is no side hooks but actually stay in ears. Suitable for sports and grams, they are really featherweights. The microphones really good, the person that at other side will hear very well, unlike the old model. When we get a call and we go to answer, take the earbuds first, please note that if we take only right one we can not answer. However it works perfectly then watching videos. The metal post writing very accurate on the back, you see we have to do the single touch for the play, you have to tap along to raise the volume on the right one, touch long on the left one to lower, very nice and very hi-tech touch.The battery lasts really long, roughly a 50 hours and a week is almost impossible. To a particular thing one, it also is a wireless power bank. I go to get my cellphone and start wireless charging. For more information of this earbuds please go to Moldac.

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