Padmate PamuScroll: AirPods’ Competitors?

On the web, nobody talks about anything else, all reviewers want them to try and praise them. What are we talking about? That is Padmate’s PamuScroll, a company that thanks to a crowdfunding campaign has succeeded in creating a product that is a worthy competitor to the surely more renowned AirPods. I was too lucky enough to try them out, what were the conclusions drawn from these elegant full wireless headphones? Let’s find out together in this new review!

Packaging and data sheet: complete set

The packaging of our headphones is minimal, inside we find the case (which will also serve as a charging base for the headphones), the headphones (which, on a note, weigh only 5 grams each), a micro-USB cable (thanks to which we can recharge the case) and three pairs of rubbers of three different sizes (S, M and L) and the instruction manual that we usually find in any package.

Padmate PamuScroll: AirPods' Competitors?

The earphones in question offer a very interesting technical sheet. Specifically, the PamuScrolls have a 6 mm driver that reproduces frequencies from 20 Hz to 200 KHz, offering even the most demanding audiophiles very deep bass and clear highs. The battery inside the two earphones is 55 mAh and as indicated by the company, offers an battery life of 3.5 hours in playback and 100 hours in standby. Battery is therefore not the strength of these headphones, although it nevertheless aligns itself in the average of wireless headphones. Adding the battery given by the houses, we reach a total of 12 hours. As for the charging time of the headphones, the PamuScroll will recharge completely in about 2 hours. I strongly recommend checking the correct positioning of the latter, as several times I happened to not position the two caps inside the case well.

The presence of IPX6 certification should also be emphasized, which guarantees resistance to water and sweat. Be careful not to completely immerse the earphones in water.

Also present is the latest Bluetooth version of 5.0, which is missing from the AirPods competitors (after all these last two have come out now). Thanks to the presence of Bluetooth 5.0 we will have greater stability with the smartphone, greater transmission speed and a greater maximum range of operation.

Design: elegant full wireless headphones

The design of these earphones is very elegant. Note of merit goes to the case, covered with a very elegant layer of real leather.

We must point out that both of our ear muffs are with touch controls. Thanks to them we will be able to answer calls, change songs and stop or restart the song we are listening to and interact with the voice assistant of our smartphone (both Siri and Google Assistant). Missing, alas, the gesture to raise and lower the volume, which would have made these headphones practically perfect.

Another note of merit goes to the wearability of these Pamu Scroll. For the first time, in fact, I didn’t have to tinker with the ear muffs that usually do not want to adhere perfectly to my ear. But it doesn’t end here, in fact, once you wear them, you won’t even notice you are wearing them. Thanks to their weight, which we remember to be only 10 grams in total, the Pamu Scrollare real feathers.

Audio performance: quality that borders on AirPods

After having described more or less the design and the technical characteristics of these fantastic bonnets, we can move on to the practical act: the road test.

Once turned on we will realize starting from the second time, how these last couple immediately to our device. To be able to do so, in fact, it will be enough to remove both the ear muffs from the case (I recommend: both, otherwise they will not work) and the game is nice that done.

Already from the first note reproduced by these wireless headsets we can notice the sound quality decidedly higher than the average. The volume of the headphones is also quite high, to the point that even a person who listens to music at high enough volume will not be able to keep the volume three-quarters higher. The soundproofing is also excellent. With headphones on and with quite low volume (a quarter), in fact, I could barely hear the people around me. Our advice, therefore, is to be very careful when you are on the road and wearing these PamuScrolls.

They all talk about it so well, will it be worth buying them?

Considering the enormous success and acclaim, these headphones are gaining on the web, I thought it might be the case to summarize in a brief but concise list those that are the pros and cons of these headsets. In this way you can evaluate immediately and according to your parameters if the negative aspects can be able to tarnish your fame.

Pro of Padmate’s PamuScrolls, the AirPods’ competitors:

  • Excellent audio quality: honestly, after trying dozens of pairs of headphones, after wearing these PamuScrolls, I was immediately love at first sight. Excellent sound quality and really high volume. Promoted with full marks;
  • Reading: as already mentioned a little higher up in the review, these wireless pamu earbuds weigh very little (5 grams each), and this could be a plus especially if you listen to music for long periods;
  • Elegant: it’s useless to go around it even the eye wants its part and the design of these PamuScroll Padmates certainly plays its part. Very nice recharging case, covered in real leather, which gives that extra premium touch to the offer;
  • Resistant despite being made of plastic: another note of merit goes to the resistance of these headphones. Personally it happened to me that I fell a couple of times, but, despite the considerable height, they did not report any damage.

Against Padmate’s PamuScrolls, AirPods’ competitors

Cost: as we said in the article, with the crowdfunding campaign launched on Indiegogo the headphones cost about $39 + shipping costs. At the moment the headphones in question are still for just $ 79, a price destined to rise within a few days to $ 150. This price, in my opinion, is too high for such headphones. The advice is therefore to hurry to buy them with the remaining discount;
Missing a button to turn on and off the headphones: one thing that gave me not a little annoyance during the use of these PamuScrolls is the lack of a power switch button. In fact, the only way to turn them off is to put the headphones in the special case. However this is not a real defect, as almost all products of this type do not have this function very convenient and important in my opinion.

The verdict:

After talking about the headphones that are born as AirPods’ direct competitors, let’s analyze the price in more detail. When the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo ended (where the launch price was $ 39, and then increased to $49) the Padmate PamuScrolls will be launched on the market for $ 150. The price itself has made many people discuss it, either because it is too high, or because a brand like Padmate, unknown to many, despite producing quality products, cannot launch one of its products at the same price as AirPods. My advice is therefore to take advantage of the last discount offered by the company and to grab your fantastic PamuScroll for $ 79 plus shipping on Moldac, which, in my opinion, would be the price with which the company could seriously give the wire to twist at Apple and other competing companies.

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