The Most Famous True Wireless of The Moment – PaMu Slide

Padmate is a Chinese company that made its debut with the PaMu Scrolls on Indiegogo and thanks to the crowdfunding campaign it managed to raise over 3 million euros in a short time.

The company mentioned a few lines above is anything but a startup, in the past in fact it has already had to deal with collaborations of the caliber of Nokia, Huawei and Xiaomi in the mobile field. After the enormous success of the previous model, Padmate presented its new model of true wireless headphones, the PaMu Slide.


In the package we find the headphones, the charging case with the instruction manual, USB-C cable for recharging and spare rubbers for all types of auditory armatures. Box really well supplied and well cared for.

True Wireless Pamu Slide Headphones Review


The PaMu Slides have been renewed in design compared to Scrolls, in fact, they look a lot like form-factor to Apple AirPods. Compared to the latter, however, they are wireless in ear headphones that adapt perfectly to the ear. Personally, I tried them outdoors doing running activities and they never fell once!

The charging case is made of very premium hard plastic and is fed with type-c. The PaMu slides are IPX6 certified, which protects against splashes of water and sweat.

In the upper part we also find a small key that, if pressed twice, turns the case into a wireless pad. Very convenient functionality!


Each earbuds has a 85 mAh battery enough to listen to music for 10 hours. Furthermore, the case is equipped with an additional 2000 mAh battery guaranteeing another 50 hours of reproduction.

The Most Famous True Wireless of The Moment - PaMu Slide

Audio quality

One of the pleasantly positive notes is without a doubt the sound quality of these headphones. The bass is consistent and even at high volume it never distorts the sound. All this is certainly thanks to the Qualcomm QC3020 chip which gives a big hand to the headset battery and increases the already excellent signal stability offered by Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, the headphones are equipped with AptX protocols.

Pairing and Touch Controls

The wireless connection is immediate, you just need to take out the headphones and they will be pairing with your device. In both earphones there is a “soft touch” button with which you can interact to control the playback of songs, answer calls, adjust the volume and to start your phone’s voice assistant. The PaMu Slide are also equipped with microphones useful for canceling noises.

Final reflections

PaMu Slide compared to the PaMu Scrolls have undergone an upgrade of all respect going to greatly improve the already excellent sound quality. Given the really nice design and the excellent ergonomics both inside and outside we can advise you with closed eyes also given the price on Indiegogo of $ 69! A real top price!

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