True Wireless Headphones Padmate PaMu Scroll

Are you passionate about audio? Do you love listening to music and watching movies online? Are you looking for a best wireless headphones for your good price? In this article, I will give you the best option of true wireless headphones. I am sure the headset is extremely unique and beautiful. Let’s explore the admiration of this super product!

Compact and smart design.

Padmate Pamu Scroll used leather combined with glossy plastic for the charging box to create a luxurious and elegant appearance. The contours of the charger box are designed to be very seamless in the form of a scroll box, you will not see any screws on it either because Padmate used glue to fasten the connection point between the charger box and the cover and cover .

Padmate PamuScroll: AirPods' Competitors?

The battery life of the Padmate Pamu Scroll Headset is also quite impressive. If the battery life of the previous version is 14 hours (once headphones 3.5 hours + 3 times in the charger box), in new version, the battery life is similar for each hearing is 3.5 hours, but according to the manufacturer If you only charge 2 more times in the charger box, you can use 10.5 hours in total. Perhaps changing the design of the charging case from a round to a coil as well as an internal structure has affected the battery pack’s battery more or less.

The sound quality of True Wireless Padmate Pamu Scroll Headset is highly appreciated

In the previous version, its sound was only rated on average, in this version I found the sound quality improved. In Pamu scroll, the bass and treble are more obvious than the previous version. Anyone who listens to light music, bolero, hometown, pop, ballad, teen, .. still sounds good. However, when playing electronic music genres (EDM), Remix, vibrant music has a strong sounding sound, you will feel a little dazzling sound is not really “already” when playing big music.

Activate the Virtual Assistant directly on the headset like Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, … on the phone and including Cortana on the computer by double tapping on the left earpiece. A very interesting feature, I often use GA to practice English as well as call my relatives directly without using the phone ^^ ..

Being a phenomenon at system with the number of customers ordering nearly 300 units for 1 month after the success of the headset Padmate Pamu X13.

On the day of the AFF CUP event, the headset was hot. The Padmate Pamu Scroll headset hits the feeling that listeners enjoy with the powerful bass range and the mid and high-detail lighted treble gives an impression from the initial look and a realistic, compact sound experience. ears together with 4 attractive colors.

Designed with impressive appearance of roll shape, 3 hours of battery life and up to 5 hours of talk, especially IPX6 waterproof headphones and powerful bass that draws thousands of people all over the world.


  • Support bluetooth 5.0
  • Can listen to calls with both ears
  • Bass improved.
  • Standard waterproof from IPX5 to IPX6 to withstand strong water pressure
  • Additional wireless charging dock
  • Activate Siri directly from the headset

Where to Buy True Wireless Padmate Pamu Scroll Headset?

Moldac is a reliable and reputable address with the best price for all of you, The source of clear and genuine goods, the absolute 12-month warranty nationwide is our motto.

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