PaMu Slide Mini: Is It Worth Spending $55 on These Headphones?

This is the third pair of Pamu headphones in my hands. And so far I have been very happy with one of it, and I did not like the other. This time I received the Pamu Slide Mini, which theoretically cost $ 149, but in fact they are constantly available in the promotion for $ 55.99. Is it worth considering buying them?

Let’s start with the look. Pamu Slide Mini are small in-ear headphones that we can use without any cables. The domes themselves are made of matt plastic. These quite strongly collect dust or other dirt, and cleaning the headphones is not as easy as you would like. Nevertheless, when we pick them up, we don’t feel that the manufacturer has saved on materials. Everything is really well folded and gives the impression of being solid. Nevertheless, we will not feel such a “wow” effect as it was in the case of the Pamu Slide I tested earlier.

The case that also acts as a charger and power bank is also made of plastic. Placement of headphones in it is completely trouble-free, and the whole is small enough that it can easily fit into a pocket of pants or jacket. And really, looking through the prism of the promotional price, which I have the impression that it never ends, we get a product that looks really good and can be liked. In summary – Pamu Slide Mini look and are made really well.

I honestly admit that when I saw on the producer’s website assurance of up to 10 hours of continuous listening to music on one charge, I did not want to believe it. Nevertheless, during the tests I used Pamu Slide Mini for 7 hours without a break and the headphones still did not discharge. I haven’t been able to achieve 10 hours, but 8-9 hours of work is really real. And this result is really impressive for wireless in ear headphones.

The case has been equipped with a 400 mAh battery. This is enough for about two recharges of the same intranals from 0% to 100%. We can really charge the Pamu Slide Mini in two ways. The first is traditional charging using a USB-C cable. However, the manufacturer also used wireless charging, which is slower, but I think that this solution may appeal to many people. Charging via USB-C takes about 1.5 hours.

Let’s start with the convenience of use. Pamu Slide Mini just pulled out of the box perfectly in my ears. Of course, the set also includes replaceable rubber bands that can be selected to match the ear-tips to your own preferences. The headphones themselves are really light and after a while we can forget that we have them in our ears. At the same time, they completely cut us off from the sounds of the surroundings, even when we listen to music really quietly.

The connection to the phone is stable. There is a slight delay between sound and image, but it is so small that watching movies is still a pleasure. The quality of the microphone is not perfect, but our interlocutor is able to understand everything, even when we are in a more noisy place. Each of the headphones is equipped with a touch panel that allows us to change songs, change the volume, stop or turn on the music, or answer the call. Using Pamu Slide Mini is really pleasant and I think that many people will like these headphones.

Finally, as usual, I left what is most important in the case of headphones, i.e. the sound quality. In fact, Pamu Slide Mini did not impress me, but at the same time they did not disappoint. They are simply mid-range headphones that will undoubtedly conquer the heart of less demanding users or those who have never had contact with better in-ear devices. Fortunately, individual bands do not flood other frequencies. There is quite a lot of bass, but at the same time it is not annoying.

The stage is quite big for headphones of this type. Pamu Slide Mini is undoubtedly headphones that are simply meant to give you the pleasure of listening to your favorite music, and not to offer the ability to hear every sound. The manufacturer himself compares Pamu Slide Mini to much more expensive AirPods Pro on his website, but I would not draw such far-reaching conclusions. These headphones are nice, but personally I wouldn’t pay for more than 55 dollars, for which we can buy them at a promotional price.


Pamu slide mini bluetooth 5.0 true wireless earphone are inexpensive headphones, which according to the manufacturer were to compete with much more expensive solutions from other companies. Of course, in reality it looks completely different, but I still think that these in-ear nets can be liked by many users. Very good workmanship, great work time on one charge or pretty good sound quality is a combination that you may like.

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