PaMu Slide Mini Will Inherit the Legend From PaMu Slide?

In the well-known crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, Padmate PaMu Slide to set four records in one fell swoop.

  • World’s largest crowdfunding of audio products
  • Indiegogo has the most support in crowdfunding history
  • Indiegogo’s largest crowdfunding project since 2019
  • Indiegogo has crowdfunded the most successful Chinese project in 11 years.

The Padmate brand was founded in 2011 and focuses on the development of Bluetooth devices and smart hardware. So, what is the difference between PaMu Slide and the latest series PaMu Slide Mini? Let’s check it out together with this review post.

PaMu Slide Mini Will Inherit the Legend From PaMu Slide?

The PaMu Slide Mini packaging box is made of paper material. It is an environmentally friendly magnetic opening and closing method. Although the package cover only has the PaMu logo, there is no product information. Once the cover is opened, you can see that the main body of the product is covered by a hazy cover. Folding is the basic method of using headphones. The athletic brother on the right is kissing the PaMu Slide Mini in use. The headset can be used continuously for 10 hours, and the PaMu Slide Mini headset and charging case can last up to 30 hours. The two headsets do not have physical buttons, and the operation is entirely based on the touch area. The advantage of not having physical buttons is that they are integrated and waterproof, and the touch operation is very simple. Each earphone has two microphones, one recognizes the voice information, and the microphone on the top plays a physical active role to eliminate the noise, ensuring the quality of the call in the noisy outdoor environment. Two copper conductive contacts charge fairly quickly. Adopt Bluetooth 5.0 connection technology, ultra-long-range radio frequency technology-extend the radio frequency distance, transparent “sound wave guide” material, different from traditional materials, Bluetooth transmission is unobstructed. You can also pair your left and right ears with your phone separately.

PaMu Slide Mini Will Inherit the Legend From PaMu Slide?

The first time I tried to wear it was outdoors. After walking for more than half a day, I didn’t find any discomfort in the ear canal and ear cavity. Instead, I will forget that there are two earphones in my ear. This is for individuals. The size of human organs is different. Before I set out, I must choose the most suitable headset to wear. Otherwise, your ears will be very uncomfortable.

In everyday calls, because the ears are designed with an extension rod, the microphone is closer to the mouth, and it is hidden in the ear with the previous true wireless round shape. The distance between the microphone and the mouth is almost blocked by the curve of the cheek. The quality of the PaMu Slide Mini call is clear, and the human voice is good. Even strange numbers can tell which friend it is.

For padmate pamu slide mini, this true wireless Bluetooth headset can’t torture it like the HI-FI level speakers. PaMu Slide Mini can achieve vocal reproduction, and the high-resolution of the instrument is very good. It also adds apt-X code reduction technology to it. Isn’t this the icing on the cake.

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