History of Nails and Fashion

Small and round, they are our nails, and it is a detail of our own, which speaks so much about us and what we want to say to the world.
All women, of all ages, at least once in their life have dyed their nails with varnish, or maybe done a manicure.
This simple beauty gesture now seems banal, a small ritual, but the reality of the facts is that the culture of manicure is something much older than what we think.
In distant India, as early as 3000 BC, the noblest and wealthiest women chose a mixture of red henna to dye their nails, as a distinctive sign.
And then, 1500 years later, in China and also in the Middle East, what appears to be a true ancestor of our current enamel appears. A simple compound of gum arabic with the addition of gelatin, beeswax, egg and then flowers and vegetable dye. Everything had to be kept on for several hours, in order to offer a lasting and brilliant color.
Among the ingredients of the first nail varnishes there were also precious minerals such as malachite, and then sulfur and galena.
Often these were the signs to indicate belonging to a clan or a social status. The most used colors in this historical period were black, red, green but also gold.
The Middle Ages saw a brutalization of any cult concerning aesthetic beauty. Times are too dark to want to paint your nails, or take care of your beauty.
Also in the period following the First World War, we find a return to purity and an elegant and natural style, with the choice of the “moon manicure”. It is a delicate and original nail art, which sees a white bezel, already naturally present on the nails, highlighted in an inconspicuous way, thanks to the use of a white polish.
In the 7th and 80s, the fashion of gel nails was born in the USA. Well yes: it is not something as modern as it is believed, but it is certainly a nail art exported to Europe in the 2000s. Initially it was acrylic gels, later then, thanks to technological studies on UV and LED lamps, the formulas of gels and nail polishes have lightened and become more and more tolerable.
In 2011, the fashion of decoration with airbrush and micro-paint is going crazy: all girls, and of all ages, want flower power nails, with the initials of their name and many other small decorations.
There are many customers who, turning to their nail technician, require a resistant and lasting manicure, with a full color, but at the same time it is natural. The semi-permanent gel polish offers a delicate and natural effect on the nails, because the semi-permanent polish covers the nails like a gel, but makes them thin just like normal polish! It can lasts over two weeks, dries in the lamp and offers very fast application and removal times. Thus, even those who are not fond of gel reconstruction can choose fluorescent or metallic colors, and enjoy perfect nails for over 15 days.
Hoping to have been helpful, I hug you and look forward to seeing in the next article!
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