The shape of the nails speaks of our character

Like the hairstyle we choose and the color of the dress we wear, the shape of our nails also speaks volumes about our character. when we hold out our hand to a stranger, we are actually already giving him a lot of information about us. Let’s see what the shape of our nails refers to, and also discover something more about us who love them and choose to wear them.

Oval shape

A perfect egg, made on fairly long nails: a famous and certainly very popular shape. Women who prefer oval nail art are analytical and mathematical, but also harmonious and balanced.

Squoval shape

The perfect compromise between a refined oval shape and a more fashionable square. The woman who chooses to wear squoval nails is able to take on the responsibilities that her life demands of her, and she does so with grace, sparkle and strength.

Round and short shape

They are called rounded nails, and they are the most popular. Rounded nails addicted women are defined as silent storms: creative and sweet, they are faithful in love and great friends, but they are also bold and courageous, and even sensual and very elegant.

Almond shape

The almond-shaped nails are wider at the base, and thinner at the sides, sharp and tapered. It is a suitable nail art, indeed perfect, for those with long and refined hands, and want to highlight them to perfection. These are women who are very trend-conscious, imaginative and also very enthusiastic in everything they do.

Squared shape

It is a nail art shape much appreciated by the most organized and meticulous women, who are really attentive to details. Nail squared addicted women are very good in stress management and problem solving.

Mountain peak shape

The mountain peak shaped nails recall the high rocky peaks of the mountains, have a wide base and sharp angles. Those who prefer them have a straightforward and sincere character, and just like the mountain is a generous woman.

Ballerina shape

The ballerina shape is a stiletto nail art but with the tip first rounded and then squared. Who prefers them? Cheerful and lively girls and women, who love luxuries and worldly life. If you love them you are the real soul of every party!

Stiletto shape

Stiletto nails cannot be made on natural nails, because their excessive lengths would surely break. It is a nail art shape dedicated to those who certainly do not have to do with housework, and for those who lead a worldly and fashionable life, without too many worries at work.

No matter what the shape of nails, we need to use nail supplies to provide professional protection. For more information about manicures, please click on the Maryton to contact us.

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