Dry nail polish: how to dilute it

What to do when the enamel is dry or too dense even a few weeks after opening? You may not know that there are several ways to dilute it, some more effective than others that are read on the net. Today we will see together how to dilute dry nail polish!

Dry nail polish: 3 ways to dilute it easily

It is a problem that happens to all types of nail polish, even expensive brands, even a few weeks after opening. This happens because the liquid part, that of the solvent, evaporates, making the mixture of pigments more dense and full-bodied. The biggest problem is not being able to roll them out properly, but you absolutely must not throw them away.

Before listing the DIY tricks, I would like to illustrate a very useful product, the nail polish thinner. It is a product that helps to return the glaze to its original density, without damaging the pigments. Just a few drops, two or three, are enough to pour directly into the bottle. Then you simply have to shake the bottle vigorously for a minute and that’s it. It lasts a long time because it is very little needed.

DIY tricks to dilute the nail polish

If you do not want to buy the special nail polish thinner, you can use 2 easy do-it-yourself tricks, a little less effective than the previous one, but which will help you apply your favorite nail polish easily.

Denatured alcohol: denatured alcohol costs very little and you can easily use it as a thinner for dry nail polish. Just a few drops are enough and, after shaking the bottle well, you will see your nail polish become fluid again. However, do not use it too frequently because it could ruin the pigment, making the color less opaque.

Hot water: when the enamel has only thickened a little, but the situation is not so serious that you have to use a product such as alcohol or thinner, you can heat your enamel in a saucepan in a bain-marie for a few minutes. Of course, before using it, let it cool down!

Diluting dry enamel: other tips

Once someone used nail polish remover to dilute nail polish. And when it wasn’t so easy to find delicate ones, acetone was used.

Using acetone or solvent to dilute the enamel will give you the impression that you have solved the problem, but what you don’t know is that this ruins the pigments. After all it is a product to remove the color! It also evaporates very quickly, so after a few days the situation will be pretty much the same.

The enamels should be stored in a cold and dry place. Remember to always pay attention to close them well and keep them vertical. Last but in the least, make sure you have the professional nail supplies for take care of your nails.

We’ve come to the end of this guide on how to deal with dry or thick nail polish and I’ll meet you at the next episode!

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