Black nail polish: how to make it more portable

As mentioned in the old post, black nail polish it is a real must that never goes out of fashion, adapting to all styles from the mainstream to the more gothic one. However, there are some people for whom black nail polish may be too bold or dark. No problem: in this post we will see how to make black nail polish more portable and therefore play it down.

A super easy way to make black nail polish less aggressive is to keep your nails short or medium short. Therefore, avoid shapes that by their nature require important lengths, such as stiletto nails or ballerina nails. 

Making black nail polish more sophisticated will make it suitable for even the most chic occasions. Just choose a particular finish such as a matte black nail polish or an extra glossy top coat. If you use semi-permanent nail polish this result will be particularly easy to achieve.

Another easy way to a black nail polish is to give the glitter a chance. You can directly choose a glittery black nail polish or apply a little glitter on the tip of the nail which will then be faded towards the center of the nail in order to create an ombre effect.

The accent nail is one of those nail art for which “we like to win easy”. An accent nail is enough and a black nail polish is immediately “lighter”. You are spoiled for choice. You can opt for a shiny nail, a nail in a contrasting color or a full nail design. As for the color combinations, you can pair black with gold, gray and nude pink.

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