Curative pedicure: what it is and why it is important

As we all know, Taking care of your body is essential, even for our feet. In fact, having well-groomed and beautiful feet is not only an aesthetic factor, but also of personal health. That’s why today we talk about curative pedicure, a treatment dedicated to the well-being of our feet.

With the passage of time, our feet can dehydrate, crack, up to creating deeply unpleasant cracks. Not to mention corns, calluses, partridge eyes and so on. For this, it would be necessary to periodically undergo specific treatments with the professional pedicure supply.

Unlike the aesthetic pedicure, the curative pedicure is a specific treatment that aims to cure small problems related to the feet. A fairly delicate operation that therefore requires very specific skills. Well, there are key steps that allow us to take care of our feet, safeguarding their beauty but above all health.

 Let’s start immediately by shape the nails precisely and accurately, preferably using a nail files. They should never be cut too short, while the corners should not be rounded, otherwise they could grow under the skin. In that case, if it is already ingrown nails, it is better not to put your hand to it, contacting a specialist immediately.

To get rid of the thickened skin, you can take a foot bath with hot water, coarse salt and bicarbonate, then rubbing the calluses with a pumice stone. And finally, another important thing: always moisturize your feet with a specific nourishing cream, at least once a day, so as to prevent any type of thickening.

So, have you seen how important it is to take care of your feet with an effective curative pedicure? Do you also want more beautiful and healthier feet than ever? Discover on our Maryton site, our products, and enjoy all the treatments your body needs most.

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