5 tips to have perfect nails even at the beach

As we all know, the saltiness and ultraviolet rays represent a deadly combination for the nails. How to protect the enamel and nails in general from the aggression of the sun and the sea? Let’s find out together with these 5 universal tips!

1.Avoid the hours of maximum solar radiation

Ultraviolet rays, from 12pm to 4pm, can literally cook the skin cells, drying out the skin around the nails and leading to rapid degradation of the nail polish. So avoid sunbathing or swimming around lunchtime, opting instead for an umbrella or a bar.

2.Use professional products for manicure and pedicure

A correct manicure is essential to show off perfect nails on the occasion of your next beach vacation. Among the manicure and pedicure sets, we find pumice stone and nail files can remove the unsightly “skin” from the nails.

3.Apply specific moisturizing and protective creams

In order to prevent the skin experience some dryness, it is necessary to apply one or more specific moisturizing and protective creams with a minimum of consistency. This applies to both hands and feet. If possible, remember to always rinse your body with fresh water as soon as you come out of the sea.

4.Apply high-quality resistant enamels

There are hundreds of semi-permanent nail polishes available on the market, please apply the high-quality resistant enamels to withstand the effects of the sun and salt.  

5. Refer to expert and competent beauticians

Qualified and professional beauticians can give that added value and that extra security that an inexperienced person has no way of obtaining alone. So be careful not to overestimate your abilities: a phone call or a pre-season session could make you sleep soundly for the rest of the summer!

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