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If you are keen to do manicure, I believe you are certainly familiar with nail lamp. As one of the manicure sets, nail lamps have a very important role. It happens that the gel or semi-permanent varnish does not harden properly under the lamp, the gel is hard on the top but not below and all your pose comes off.

Professional Powerful LED UV Nail Lamp 42PCS Lights 80W UV Dryer for Nail Gel & Polish

-First of all you have to check if the gel you are using is compatible with your lamp. A UV gel or semi-permanent varnish can only be used under UV or UV / LED lamp. A semi-permanent LED gel or varnish can only be used under an LED lamp. A UV / LED semi-permanent gel or varnish in this case you can use any lamp.

– Once this check is done, you must make sure that your lamp is powerful enough. Depending on the power of your lamp, the catalysis time (curing under the lamp) varies. For a 36W lamp, it takes 2 to 3 minutes of catalysis. For a 9W lamp, reduce the time to power, or about 12 minutes of catalysis.

UV / LED semi-permanent gels and varnishes catalyze faster under UV / LED lamps than under UV lamps: 60 seconds for gels and 30 seconds for semi-permanent varnishes.

– Make sure that the gel layer is not too thick, in this case the gel will have difficulty in hardening completely, it is better to apply 2 coats and catalyze each, rather than a thick one.

– You should know that camouflage gels have a little more difficulty in catalyzing in depth, because of their opacity, allow a longer catalysis time 2 minutes instead of 60 seconds.

– For semi-permanent varnishes or colored gels, dark colors (black, dark gray, plum, black cherry …) will be more difficult to catalyze because they are very pigmented. For these preferred colors, an application in several thin layers, each to be catalyzed for 30 seconds.

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