5 tips for maintaining healthy nails

Brittle, soft or split nails. There are many causes of damaged nails. To learn how to take care of your nails, read the following article, it will guide you to maintain healthy nails with 5 tips.

Vitamins for beautiful nails

Nails need vitamins to be beautiful and strong. Some are better, such as vitamins C, B 8 and B 12. They are found mainly in food. 

Balance your plate

The skin and the nails are the reflection of our organism. The raw or steamed vegetables are to be favored, because they will retain all their nutritional values and their benefits.

Ban toxic household products

Household products attack the hands and nails. If you don’t have the time, maintain your interior by buying the manicure products. In addition, protect your hands with gloves.

Massage to have strong nails

Massage the nails daily with castor oil to stimulate growth. Use a drop of the oil and massage the entire nail plate and the cuticle. Apply a suitable cream every evening on the hands and nails.

The manicure, your ally for healthy nails

Make a regular appointment with your nail technician for professional care. It gently files the free edge, pushes the cuticles back without tearing them and intensely nourishes the hands and nails.

Smooth, pink and smooth nails are an excellent indicator of good health.If you don’t have the professional manicure products to take care of your nails, Take a look at our Maryton, you will find a rich assortment of manicure sets!

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