My tips for applying your semi-permanent nail polish at home

The semi-permanent varnish is an acrylic gel catalyzed in a UV/LED lamp and which lasts much longer than a traditional varnish (2 to 3 weeks, or even more for some people). To be simpler, the varnish is “dried” in a UV or LED lamp, which allows it to harden and become more resistant than a traditional varnish. The advantage of this technique is that there is almost no break time (only the 30 to 60 seconds of catalysis per hand). And it’s so convenient to be able to go on vacation without having to pack your manicure kit.

To avoid damaging your nails, it is essential to have your nail polish removed by a specialist, ideally the same one who applied it to you. Above all, do not remove the varnish yourself by scraping / peeling off. Indeed, the nail is made up of several “layers”. If you peel off the polish, you risk damaging your nails by removing the protective layers of the nail.

It is advisable to remove its varnish after 3 weeks. Indeed, nails covered with varnish are less hydrated and tend to become more sensitive and soft. But you will see for yourself that the regrowth of your nails makes the removal obvious after 3 weeks. Personally, I advise you to favor an institute in which the removal is carried out with solvent and twists. Indeed, I find that it is the technique that damages the nail the least because the specialist does not need to sand the varnish and risk damaging the upper layers of the nail.

Here are the steps to see how to install your semi-permanent at home:

Step 1: clean nail base

Take the time to apply your base and your varnish. I know that normally, with semi-permanent varnish, you have to apply very thin layers of varnish. For my part, I try to apply a medium coat of base varnish. I’m not really happy with the one I bought and noticed that it held better if I applied a little more.

Step 2: Apply base and varnish

With each layer of varnish, you must take care not to apply your varnish on the sides. Otherwise, it leaves an “opening” for the polish to peel off. It will begin by peeling off at the level of the skin. Then all the varnish will come off in one go. You will therefore have to start your nail again. When I overflow, I rectify with a bevelled boxwood stick.

Step 3: The top coat

Apply the top coat. As with the previous steps, I personally apply medium layers, taking care not to overflow. Please note: some top coats have a “sticky” finish after catalysis. It will therefore be necessary to pass a small blow of solvent on a cotton to remove this effect.

To remove my semi permanent, I start by gently filing the polish off with a coarse-grained nail file. I do it gently in order to only remove the shiny side of the varnish and not attack the nail itself.

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