Which shape of nails to choose?

Are you going to do a manicure but you are still hesitating about the shape of nails to choose? Discover our guide to the different shapes of nails and the selection criteria to favor to help you.

Almond nails

The almond shape is ideal for long nails, hard and healthy nails, and long and thin fingers. To obtain it, we use a nail file to file the sides until the nail forms a point, then we file the tip to round it and obtain an almond shape.

pointed stiletto nails

Pointed nails or stiletto nails have been very trendy for a few years. It is reserved for long, hard and healthy nails. It can be adopted to lengthen short and thick fingers by optical illusion like the almond manicure, it is obtained by filing both sides of the nails so that the end is pointed.

square nails

Square nails are America’s favorite nails. To obtain it, the filing of the nails is done very straight on the upper part of the nail, without touching the sides. This will result in a square nail with clear right angles.

rounded square nails

The rounded square nail shape is a classic shape, which goes to everyone, whatever the morphology of your hands and the nature of your nails. We will as for square nails file the top of the very straight nail. Then slightly round the edges to round off the square.

Rounded or oval nails

The rounded nail shape is a natural shape, which is preferred for short nails but is also worn on long nails. This shape of nails is obtained by filing the nail evenly while forming a semicircle. It is compatible with fragile nails, which it will strengthen.

Edge or ballerina nails

The edge or ballerina nail shape is one of the most original shapes. Halfway between the square shape and the stiletto shape, it gives a little rock side and is worn with long nails. This shape of nails is ideal for lengthening the fingers by optical illusion.

Choosing your nail shape is not so simple. It’s a matter of taste, but not only: depending on the shape of your hands, the nature of your nails and your lifestyle, you won’t be able to afford everything. What’s more, having a professional manicure set is also very important. For your nail products, I advise you to take a look at our Maryton, you will find everything you need.

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