False nails on bitten nails: a good idea?

Are you getting worried about the nail biting? Do you think it is bad behavior, but there is nothing to stop it? Don’t worry! Let us tell you more about the magic solution to protect your nails and finally sport well-groomed nails. You can get a false nail bite on your nails. But, be careful, some prerequisites are necessary:

  • have a minimum of nails available (2 to 3 mm) in order to apply the false nail
  • the nail technician must check the condition of your nails to determine if a pose will not be too embarrassing for you

For a first pose of resin nails on bitten nails, prefer the natural with a natural nail shape precisely and of rather short length. Indeed, you will have to adapt to these nails which can sometimes interfere with your daily activities. The role of the nail technician is to give you the best advice and make you happy. The application of false nails will take about 3 weeks and then it will be enough to proceed to a filling.

Step 1: The manicure

Do you know what a manicure really is? Since you bite your nails, you may get the wrong idea about this nail care.

The manicure consists of clear skin on your nails. First of all, the nail technician will push back the cuticles in order to gain surface area on the nails. Then she will remove dead skin, smooth the nail, file it with the professional manicure set.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

Step 2: Laying the capsule

Then, place to the pose of capsule: the good shape, good width for each nail. In order to obtain a resistant false nail on your natural nail, the false nails will then pass under a UV lamp to catalyze the whole thing.

Professional Powerful LED UV Nail Lamp 42PCS Lights 80W UV Dryer for Nail Gel & Polish

Step 3: Freezing

The next step is to apply the gel to even out the nail and shape it correctly. Smoothing, filing, polishing… Everything goes for you to come out with sublime nails.

Step 4: Nail polish

Finally, the application of semi-permanent varnish. The installation of false nails on bitten nails ends with a fixative and nail care. There you go, your bitten nails are just a distant memory!

The price of the service depends on several factors… In particular the work to be done on your bitten nail but also the level of detail and the service to be carried out. However, an average price range is between 45 and 80€ for this type of work with a nail professional.

Of course, remember to maintain your nails afterwards. Your bitten nail is naturally protected by false nails, it’s up to you to take care of them and allow them to regain their liveliness and natural beauty! To discover a professional quality nail supplies, click here!

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