3 semi-permanent Nail Arts to attract all eyes on this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, we can note that the atmosphere is becoming more and more romantic. It is quite normal that during this period, we see blooming on the nails, the female sex, drawings or colors filled with love. In this period the most used colors are red and pink, very classic colors, so if you want to stand out from other nail art, we have supercute and above all original designs for you.

The way to apply the semi-permanent varnish is very similar to a traditional manicure, the only difference is in the use of an LED lamp. To start, you have to prepare the nails as you usually do, remember to polish them before applying a transparent base coat of semi-permanent, and position them under the lamp so that they harden. Then you will apply the coats of colors, note that you must put the nails under the LED lamp after each application of varnish for the finish, apply a layer of semi-permanent top coat!

Even if it’s not fake nails, we recommend that you go to a professional to have it removed. Before applying the Semilac Remover, you must first protect the cuticles with an oil, then soak a cotton ball in the product, which you will place on the nails and wrap them with aluminum foil, let it act for 15 minutes, when you remove the aluminum foil, the semi-permanent varnish will have practically disappeared, small residues can be easily removed using a manicure wooden stick.

Now, if your goal is to catch everyone’s eye this Valentine’s Day, here are the designs we recommend.

#1 Red lipstick nails

The color Red is still a must-have on Valentine’s Day, but we’re going to give it a touch of glamor with these other shades. The first thing to do is to apply a base coat enriched with vitamins E and B5, and let it dry under the lamp. Then use the semi-permanent varnishes of Glitter Red, draw a shape of the lips and reposition the hands under the lamp. To finish, apply a layer of top coat, let dry under the lamp, do not forget to clean.

#2 Black is a safe bet

If you want to give a dark touch to all this romanticism, do not hesitate to use a black color which will surely mark the spirits. To reproduce this look, you will have to prepare the nails as you usually do, but to give them an even more incredible style, file them in an Almond shape.

Apply as a base, a layer of semi-permanent varnish, position the nails under the lights of the lamp and wait for them to dry. Then draw a line from the center to the left of the nail to draw a heart,  reposition again under the lamps. Once dry, trace the other part of the heart to the right of the nails, repeat the drying operation under the LED lamp. To finish, apply a layer of top coat again, which you will let harden under the lamp!

#3 I love pizza!

The first thing you need to do is apply a base coat and let the nails dry under the LED lamp until completely dry. Subsequently, apply a layer of color, let this layer dry under the LED lamp. Then, draw a small triangle on the middle finger nail, wait again for the nail polish to harden under the LED lamp.

Making a triangle, and let it dry, meanwhile prepare for the last step. We are going to draw a heart on the nail. Before drying the varnish, we are going to make small red dots on the pizza, put the nails under the LED lamp. Finally, apply the top coat, let it dry under the lamp and your varnish will be ready!

In this romantic time, where red and pink colors dominate all others, give a different touch to love with its semi-permanent designs that will last about 21 days. Take part in this sentimental atmosphere and keep it on your nails for several weeks!

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