Take care of your feet in winter

In winter, the feet do not always have the good life. They suffocate in hot shoes and experience large temperature swings. Cold, humidity, perspiration… they are put to the test. So, how should we take care of them?

Pamper your feet

In winter, feet can become very dry. By dint of friction, the skin cracks and becomes painful. Remember to moisturize them, with vegetable oil, vegetable butters, or with specially formulated creams.

Watch out for frostbite

When it is very cold, the extremities of the body suffer. Far from the heart, they are not always well irrigated with warm blood. The blood vessels shrink due to the cold and the feet suffer!

When humidity is added, there is a risk of frostbite. These very painful local first-degree frostbites cause burning or itching. Put on warm shoes: the thickness and impermeability of the soles are essential. Also opt for warm socks. You can also rub your feet every morning with vegetable oil in which you pour a few drops of cypress essential oil.

Sweating: avoid fungal infections

Passing without transition from outside where the temperatures can be negative to overheated interiors, the feet do not always breathe… and sweat. The risk is to develop fungal infections, especially between the toes, which cause painful itching.

The ideal is to have warm shoes but whose material lets the foot breathe. Ditto for the socks! Natural materials, such as organic cotton, allow better ventilation.

And in case of mycosis, essential oils of tea tree or lavender, with antifungal properties, can be used. Pour a few drops of essential oil in sweet almond or macadamia oil, then massage the area to be treated. Allow to air dry to avoid maceration. For prevention, remember to dry your feet thoroughly after showering!

I hope these tips will help you in taking care of your feet. Remember that healthy feet also go through a professional pedicure set! For more information on our products, visit our Maryton website!

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