Is it better to cut your nails or file them?

Is it better to cut your nails or file them?

It is advisable to file your nails rather than cut them. Indeed, cutting them can possibly be the cause of a duplication of the nail. It is therefore recommended to file your nails regularly and always in the same direction, without going back and forth.


We also drop the iron file, much too aggressive for the nail, because its grains are larger and fewer. It is better to favor the glass file, more expensive but respectful of the nail material.

Good to know: filing your nails right after a wash, is not a very good idea, softened by water, they would risk breaking more easily.

Before starting nail art, it is advisable to go through the “care” box. The nails should be filed, polished with adequate manicure and pedicure products and finally protected with a transparent base.

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