How to make a two-tone manicure?

How to make a colorful and trendy manicure? Learn how to make an easy two-tone nail art with our tutorial.

1. Nail art preparation

Using a nail file to file your nails until they are short and rounded. Don’t forget to push back your cuticles. After applying a layer of transparent varnish as a base, gently place a thin adhesive strip on the last quarter of your nail.

Double Sides Zebra Professional Jumbo Nail File Manicure Nail Tool

2. Applying nail polish

Apply your light pink nail polish over the adhesive strip. Then apply red varnish directly below the adhesive strip.

3. Remove the adhesive tape

Attention, crucial step! Remove the adhesive strip just after applying your two nail polishes, before they have dried. This allows you to create a sharper and more precise boundary.

4. Finishes

Apply a top coat to fix the whole thing, which will make the manicure shine and make it last longer.

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