How to fix your nails with a tea bag?

The beauty of the women’s hands goes through the use of varnishes, both permeable varnishes and soluble varnishes. But if the episode of the “broken nail” were to arise, then inevitably it would be necessary to find a solution that is effective. In this article, we will learn how to fix your nails with a tea bag.

So how to go about it? Here is the tips:

  1. Take the bag that you are emptying of the grains.
  2. Cut a thin strip the size of your fingernail.
  3. Place it on the nail and cover with clear varnish.
  4. Let dry then gently file your nail to remove the excess strip.
  5. Thereafter you just have to opt for a varnish: the result is stunning, you no longer see the trace of breakage.

Neither seen nor known, it’s as if the nail had never had anything! Obviously it won’t stick your nail back together, but it will allow you to postpone the moment when you need to file, the nail having then had time to grow.

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