Nail care: 3 magical natural tips to strengthen them

The way your nails look says a lot about your lifestyle. Low temperatures, household chores or even certain deficiencies can weaken them on a daily basis. To protect your nails in cold weather, we share 3 easy natural and very effective tips for a top manicure. Take out your manicure kits and follow us!

Castor oil: a blessing for the nails

Castor oil is a great asset for the nails. Apply directly to your nails and cuticles every evening, then massaging gently. You can repeat the operation several times a week. After two weeks, you will get optimal results.

Olive oil and lemon juice: a perfect combo for your nails

To restore their shine and beautiful color, massage your nails every evening with olive oil and a few drops of lemon. This operation can be repeated several times a week until the desired result is obtained. Olive oil will make your nails look shiny and soften your cuticles, which you can push back more easily later.

Garlic: a precious ally for fortified nails

A natural ingredient known to promote nail growth. Just crush one or two large pods of this plant, then apply the paste obtained directly on the nails, for a good quarter of an hour. This operation must be repeated every day until a satisfactory result is obtained. This recipe is very powerful to prevent the formation of bacteria and to grow nails in a natural way.

By reading this article, I hope you can take good care of your nails! This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail beauty products!

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