False nails on bitten nails: a good idea?

Installation of false nails gnawed nails: possible? Yes, you can get false nails on bitten nails. Be careful, however, some prerequisites are necessary. Let’s tell you more about the magic solution to protect your nails and finally sport well-groomed nails.

How does a session of false nails on bitten nails take place?

First of all, the technician will observe your nails to tell you the most suitable recommendation. In the majority of cases, it is a question of proceeding first to a manicure, then the application of gel or resin nails. Finally, the finalization is carried out with the application of a semi-permanent varnish of the color of your choice.

Step 1: the manicure

The manicure consists of clear skin on your nails. First of all, the nail technician will push back the cuticles in order to gain surface area on the nails. Then she will remove dead skin, smooth the nail, file it if necessary and moisturize the fingers.

Step 2: laying the capsule

Then, place to the pose of capsule. In order to obtain a resistant false nail on your natural nail, the false nails will pass under a UV lamp to catalyze the whole thing.

Step 3: freezing

The next step is to apply the gel to even out the nail and shape it correctly. Smoothing, filing, polishing…

Step 4: nail polish

Finally, the application of semi-permanent varnish. The installation of false nails on bitten nails ends with a fixative and nail care.

In addition to these mentioned above, you also need to have manicure sets to care for your nails. To do this, go to our Maryton selection: you will find the best professional nail beauty supplies on the market.

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