How to make nail polish more liquid without damage?

Your nail polish is too thick, you have trouble applying it effectively, the texture is not optimal? To top it off, this happens right when you’re manicuring with your favorite polish? Don’t panic, there is a solution to make your nail polish more liquid and fluid. Follow us!

How to make nail polish more liquid?

There are easy and effective techniques to give your favorite nail polish a perfect texture: neither too thick nor too runny. These techniques are used by nail technicians,

1-Dilute nail polish with nail polish remover

This method is very well known and even controversial. Nail art purists see it as a direct attack on the quality of a manicure… In reality, diluting too dense a varnish with nail polish remover is a good idea.

2-Soften varnish with hot water

First, take a saucepan, fill it very little and bring to the boil. Then place the pot of varnish in question in the saucepan, turning off the heat. Wait 10-15 seconds and remove the glaze from the pan. Be careful that the nail polish pot is well closed during the operation. Then check: the varnish must have thinned!

3-Use nail polish thinner

Use a nail polish thinner, dedicated to this use! This will be useful if the problem often occurs on your hardware. The principle is identical to the solvent method, except that the diluting product has been created especially for the occasion.

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