Two solutions to overcome corns on the feet

What causes a corn on the foot?

The corn is formed by a thickening of the horny layers of the epidermis which sink into the dermis forming a characteristic root. This anomaly is mainly due to the wearing of unsuitable shoes and/or deformities of the foot at the origin of the area of hyper-pressure and friction when moving. The corn differs from the callus by its shape: the first has the pointed appearance of a thumbtack, the second of a flattened cake.

Corns on the foot: ablation to relieve pain

The most classic corn treatment consists of an appointment with the pedicure – podiatrist, who will use appropriate tools – rasp, scalpel, bur – to reduce the volume of this “swelling”.

After having softened the area concerned, the pedicure chooses the appropriate instruments to sand it, in other words to remove, layer after layer, all the dead cells which constitute the corn. When the “specimen” is very thick, he must use a scalpel to trim it. In this case, it will take several sessions before eliminating it properly.

Insoles to prevent relapses

Orthopedic insoles are made to measure by a podiatrist, most often in a thin, flexible and washable material that adapts to different types of shoes. By correcting the malpositions and deleterious plantar supports that favor the appearance of these sores under the feet, we restore a good position of the toes and the arch of the foot, to avoid the painful thickening of the epidermis.

In addition to these mentioned above, you will need to take regular care for your nails using pedicure kit. If you don’t have, don’t worry! Check out our Maryton website, where there are all kinds of foot care products.

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