5 ways to take care of your nails between two manicures

Wearing nail polish all the time can quickly make nails fragile, brittle and dull. Follow our 5 tips to pamper them between two manicures.

1. Dont attack the nails

To overcome these daily aggressions, do not hesitate to apply a fortifying base on your nails: they will be harder and more resistant. No more brittle nails!

2. Stop biting your nails

Do you bite your nails? There are solutions to help you control yourself. One of them is repellent smelling and tasting polish: which tends to deter you from putting your fingers to your mouth.

3. Take care of your cuticles

To have strong nails, bet on soft nail file. To avoid weakening your nails, you have to adopt the right gestures. File in the same direction, from the base to the tip.

To keep your nails beautiful between two manicures, your cuticles must be pampered. No more tearing or cutting them. You can massage them with a special moisturizing and nourishing hand cream. An oil bath can also be recommended.

4. Gently file your nails

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5. Whiten your nails

To restore their whiteness, simply prepare a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda and immerse your fingers in it for 10 minutes. To boost the effect of the treatment, you can massage your nails at the same time.

OK! You now have know 5 ways to take care of your nails between two manicures, so bring your manicure supplies and take good care of them! If you don’t have, please have a look at our nail supply store online, where there are all kinds of nail beauty products.

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