Manicure: 3 brilliant methods for long nails in minutes

Impossible to miss the trend: long nails are everywhere. As pretty as they are difficult to obtain, we explain how to have long nails in just a few minutes. Take out your manicure supply and follow us!

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The capsule: fast and economical

Capsule false nails are one of the most popular alternatives. Not only are they easy to buy, but they are also very cheap. There are also transparent capsules, to apply your favorite nail polish! Their application is very simple. Just apply false nail glue to the capsule and attach it to your nail! Be careful, however, do not abuse it! This technique is suitable for occasional use.

The gel: fast and long-lasting

The gel nail technique is extremely fast and remains the preferred technique for the health of the nail. Unlike capsules, this technique is performed in an institute. Fast as lightning, just apply a layer of gel evenly on the nail and stretch it to give it the desired length and shape. Then you have to dry the gel with a UV lamp and you’re done! Beautiful long, shiny and natural nails that will last between 3 and 4 weeks.

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Resin: long nails guaranteed

This technique, which is also performed in institutes, is one of the oldest. Less used, it is often criticized for giving a coarse result, compared to the gel. However, if it is well done, it can give an ideal long result for people who do not want to do half measures. The resin, a mixture of acrylic powder and liquid, is applied to the nail. Once dry and stiff, it is trimmed to your desired shape and length and works on short or long nails.

OK! Now that you have known 3 brilliant methods for long nails in minutes, get an appointment with your manicurist quickly. If you want high-quality nail supplies, we have everything all you need in Maryton nail supply.

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