How do I repair a tear in my nail polish?

It’s the little thing that gets on your nerves! Your varnish is just freshly applied and there your pretty fingers touch an object, your clothes or your hair. But don’t panic… We offer you solutions to fix this tear in your manicure.

How to discreetly and quickly repair a small tear in the varnish?

The simplest technique is still to put a drop of varnish where it is missing… But be careful. It is necessary to prepare the area by applying a very small touch of solvent or by polishing slightly in order to thin the old layer of varnish, and to be able to apply a new layer in a harmonious way on the whole of the nail.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

Fun with nail art

If the varnish is flaking when it was applied the day before, or if it is damaged by activities such as washing dishes or gardening, you can take the opportunity to have a little fun, without having to remove everything. Sequins or mini-stickers designed for manicures bring a bit of freshness and originality, and allow you to discreetly hide a little tear in your nail polish.

Bet on a long-lasting manicure

The durable solutions can be considered: the permanent or semi-permanent varnish. And those who are afraid of damaging their nails when removing it can be reassured: manicure institutes have everything you need to pamper your nails. Even home products, if the instructions are followed correctly, do not pose a great risk to them.

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