Christmas nail art: easy-to-do

For those who are absolutely a fan of the Christmas atmosphere and decorations, how about betting on a manicure 100% on this theme? What’s cool is that it can be as simple as it is sophisticated, elegant, or even dotted with sequins and rhinestones… In my opinion, you don’t have to be a manicure pro to get your nails into the holiday spirit! Just bring your manicure supplies and give your nails the Christmas art.

How to make my Christmas manicure at home?

Fir trees, stars, reindeer, glitter or holly leaves: all the manicures we offer are done with classic nail polishes and not with semi-permanent lacquers or gel nails. The only condition for the result to be impeccable? Wait for each layer to be perfectly dry before covering it with a drawing, self-adhesive paper or sticker. It takes a bit of patience, but the results are well worth it.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

The products you will need:

  • Small self-adhesive papers to create patterns with neat lines. You can also use tape provided it is not too sticky, such as masking tape.
  • A dotting tool. This small tool with a thin, round tip allows you to draw small dots on the nails.
  • A special nail art brush with a pointed shape for details and finishes.
  • Stickers and stickers of your choice. They sophisticate a manicure in seconds. The top for those who do not want to draw the patterns freehand.
  • Special nail art glitter powder to give your nails a little festive note.

All right! Is the Christmas nail art so easy to do? Try it out right now! Moreover, to discover more products to realize your nail beauty just contact our Matyton.

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