3 fashion tips to stop having cold feet in winter

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It is well known, in winter, our feet are among the first to make us feel the outside temperature dropping at the same rate as our hands. But on the other hand we have so much cold feet that our feet hurt! Fortunately, to no longer feel like you have ice cubes in place of your toes, there are solutions thanks to perfect accessories to face the cold and good fashionista reflexes! Just follow us!

1. Extreme cold: choose your socks and tights in the right material

Cotton is a material that absorbs moisture and perspiration from your feet well but dries very slowly. Swap your ankle socks and other light cotton socks for models in wool, ribbed knit, cashmere or even angora models, warm and soft materials to defy the cold in comfort.

2. Dont accumulate pairs of socks!

We often think that the more pairs of socks we put on top of each other, the warmer we will be: serious mistake, it is (almost) the complete opposite. Be aware that this actually promotes poor blood circulation. So immediately take off your four pairs of socks stacked on top of each other on your feet and settle for a very warm model.

3. Bet on anti-cold soles

Choose them thick enough to properly insulate your arch from the cold or, even better, opt for thermal insoles that very effectively protect your feet against the cold.

OK! Now that you have known 3 fashion tips to stop having cold feet in winter. In addition, you will also need to take regular care for your foot using pedicure supplies. If you don’t have any pedicure products, check out our Maryton website, where there are all kinds of foot care products.

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