Partridge’s eye: how to treat a corn on the foot effectively?

Called upon on a daily basis, our feet are put to the test every day. Among the most common foot pain: the partridge eye. A source of discomfort and relatively unsightly, this hardening of the epidermis can quickly become troublesome for walking. Thanks to our few tips, find out how to get rid of a partridge eye quickly.

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What is a partridge eye?

Partridge eye, also known as corns or calluses, is a thickening of the epidermis that appears on areas subjected to excessive pressure or friction. Recognizable by the pain it causes, the corn is quite simply a mass of dead skin formed by the skin in response to the microtraumas it undergoes. Although benign, the corn can become particularly painful if it is not treated in time and correctly.

The eye of the partridge can be recognized by 3 characteristics:

  • it is usually between the 4th and 5th toes
  • caused by humidity and maceration, its consistency is rather soft
  • rounded, it evokes an eye with a sunken, black center and red protruding edges
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How to prevent and relieve corns on the feet?

Our first advice: wear comfortable shoes adapted to the morphology of your feet! Indeed, each foot being different, all types of shoes are not necessarily made for you. On a daily basis, avoid shoes that deform the feet. Prefer wearing cotton socks, especially if you have to walk a lot. Finally, if necessary, and with the advice of a specialist, opt for orthopedic insoles. This will improve your comfort or relieve some plantar pain.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! Therefore, regularly monitor the appearance of your feet and take care of them daily. Applying the right gestures diligently will allow you to keep your feet supple and soft. Every day, be sure to nourish your feet well using a suitable moisturizing foot cream. Exfoliate once a week using a grater or a pumice stone. Don’t forget to regularly take the time to pamper your feet with the pedicure kit!

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