How to revisit the French manicure?

Everyone knows the French, this manicure which consists in coloring the tip of the nail in white. Finally judged almost corny over the years, the French manicure is reinventing itself to come back in force!

To modernize the French manicure, color is in the spotlight

This summer, we want a boost of pep on our nails and color! This year again, pastel retains its essential place in our looks, right down to the tips of the nails. It’s time for lilac, sky blue, baby pink and pastel green varnishes. And for more originality, we dare to add a glittery, silver or golden touch to her French manicure. No matter the shape of nails chosen, short or long, natural or gel, a colored French will sublimate them and bring an original touch to our outfit.

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Revisited techniques and trendy French

Bet on a very fine white line on the edge of very short nails. Minimalist, chic, discreet and elegant, it’s the safe bet to be trendy with a French manicure. For more originality, let yourself be tempted by an asymmetrical French, which echoes the abstract nail art style, with the edge of the nails colored with different lines and shapes.

You can always opt for a baby boomer manicure! This technique consists of applying two colors on the nail by making a gradient, for a melted and delicate result. In colored or nude version, it is the assurance of an elegant and more original manicure than the classic French.

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