These manicures celebrate Valentine’s Day on your nails

Valentine’s Day is a divisive holiday. Either we love it, and each year represents a new opportunity to renew ourselves, or we hate it and we don’t want to hear about it. But if, alone or accompanied, you still want to celebrate love in all its forms, here are some nail art ideas that can stick to your state of mind at the moment.

Nail art inspirations for lovers of love

If you love Valentine’s Day and want to wear a themed manicure, you’ll love these pretty love to love nail art there to tell the world that for you love is no joke. Hearts, sequins.

Nail art inspirations for those who want to love themselves first

Valentine’s Day is the feast of love. But who said that you absolutely had to have someone to celebrate it? Loving yourself is enough! So that’s what you self-lover.

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Nail art inspirations to make a statement

You want to tell your other half how you feel but you don’t know when, where or how? What if it’s time to do it by decorating your nails with subliminal messages?

Kitch love is cool too

Let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day is also a great excuse for fun and decorating your nails is one of them. Stilettos, ballerinas, round, almond or square.

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