False nails: with or without capsules?

Do you want to have beautiful nails, but you don’t know if you should put on capsules? What are the benefits of the capsules? How is the application of false nails with capsules? Do they damage the nails? Today, our Maryton will tell you everything!

What are the advantages of false nails with capsules?

There are several techniques for applying false nails: gel, resin and capsules. The nail technician can shape false nails in different materials. The false nails with capsules last approximately 3 to 4 weeks, variable according to the speed of growth of your nails. The capsules can be very useful if you have short nails. They will make it possible to lengthen them, but also to strengthen them.

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How to make false nails with capsules?

It is best to go to your trained nail technician to have false nails installed with capsules. First, she prepares your nails by removing the varnish and pushes back the cuticles and files your nails. Then she chooses the right size of capsules, respecting the width and shape of your natural nails. She sticks a capsule on each nail carefully to avoid any air bubbles. The nail technician files them according to the desired length and shape.

In the third step, she covers the capsules with a thin layer of gel on top. The assembly must dry under a UV lamp for about two minutes in order to harden properly. Then, she can offer you a semi-permanent nail polish.

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Do the capsules damage the nails?

When you want to perform a false nail installation, it is better to call on a nail technician. The risk of damaging your natural nails is thus greatly reduced. In addition, she takes many precautions, in particular to disinfect the nails and limit the occurrence of bacteria. She also takes care not to touch the skin with the gel or the products, so as not to alter the skin. On the other hand, you should not under any circumstances attempt to peel off or tear off the capsules or your false nails. Otherwise, your nails will suffer terribly.

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