How does a session at the manicure work?

Do you want to spend a moment of relaxation and have impeccable hands at the same time? But between false nails and semi-permanent nail polish, do you feel a little lost? Don’t panic, find out how a session at the manicure takes place and find the service that suits you best!

Nail preparation

First, the nail technician will take care of your cuticles. These unsightly little pieces of skin found at the base of the nail will be pushed back, sanded and cut. Then, your hand beauty specialist will file your nails according to the shape you want. Almond, oval, square or even ballerina nails. Finally, your professional will very lightly file the surface of your nail for better adhesion of the varnish or gel.

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Applying UV gel

Soft, bitten, brittle or too short nails, there can be many reasons why one can resort to this method of hand beautification. If you opt for this technique, your nail technician can offer you two services according to your needs and desires:

  • Nail strengthening:

With a brush, the specialist will model a false nail using this transparent paste on your natural nail and pass it directly under a UV lamp in order to catalyze it.

  • Nail extension:

Your nail technician will use capsules that he/she will stick on the tip of the nail before filing them to obtain the desired result.

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Varnish application

Your nails are finally ready to receive the nail polish! Indeed, you will find many nail art ideas, such as floral motifs or glitter effects.

Here are the steps for this procedure:

  • A first thin coat of varnish from the base to the tip;
  • 30 seconds to 1 minute under LED or UV lamp;
  • A second layer of slightly thicker varnish in order to have a more opaque color;
  • LED or UV lamp;
  • Application of a top coat to protect your manicure and make it shinier;
  • One last lap under the lamp.
  • Application of an oil to moisturize the hands.

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