Nail removal: the steps

When your client makes an appointment to apply false nails, it is strongly recommended to take one for removal 3 to 4 weeks later. The removal of false nails must be carried out by a nail technician. But, how to apply gel or resin nails? The Maryton nail supply give the specific operational steps in the following article.

What is a false nail removal?

The removal of false nails consists of removing the nails in gel, resin, with templates or even capsules. A rigorous protocol must be followed. Under no circumstances should you try to remove the false nails alone. This technique requires know-how, specific professional manicure products and precise tools.

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How to make a gel nail filling?

The advantage of gel is that it can be removed only with the help of a nail file. Layer after layer, you need to gently remove them down to the nail plate of the natural nail. The use of an electric file is possible, only if you master the gesture to perfection. This method may be more suitable for removing false nails with capsules. You can use a buffing block when approaching the natural nail. Once all the gel is removed, it is possible to apply a layer of calcium polish to make the nails stronger. Finally, you can massage the cuticles with a nourishing oil.

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How to remove resin nails?

First, you start by filing the material with a coarse file. Once it is thinner, soak the nails in cosmetic acetone. Once melted, remove it with a boxwood stick. If there are remains, it is possible to gently file the nail. Nail removal always ends with the application of a nourishing oil for the cuticles.

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