Everything you need to know about nail fungus

Nail mycosis, also called onychomycosis, is an infection that can manifest itself under the nails of the feet or less frequently of the hands. Do you know how to deal with or treat nail fungus? The Maryton nail supply will elaborate in the following article.

Where does this infection come from?

Nail fungus is caused by a particular group of fungi, also called dermatophytes. These fungi responsible for mycoses are microscopic organisms that preferring environments that are both warm and humid. Mycosis therefore more frequently affects the toenails.

Appropriate treatments

Fungal infections can be treated in two different ways: locally using creams or varnishes, or oral treatment, in the form of tablets. Your doctor will prescribe the most appropriate treatment depending on the case of mycosis presented. Toenail fungus doesn’t usually cause serious long-term problems if treated correctly. If you notice abnormal changes in your nails, it is very important to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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Pharmacist’s advice

A few rules of hygiene

The prevention of fungal infections requires good hygiene of the feet and hands. Properly cutting and cleaning your nails are two essential actions. In addition, you have to remember to dry the water between your toes after a shower or a bath.

To find the right shoes

As mentioned above, it is better to avoid being barefoot in swimming pool locker rooms for example, simple sandals are enough. Wearing shoes that are too tight also promotes the appearance of fungal infections, so choose your shoes carefully.

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