How to take care of your nails?

Clean and neat nails are a reflection of our femininity. However, they are also very fragile. So how do you take care of your nails so that they are strong, shiny and stay that way? Find in this article, the essential points to implement for healthy nails.

Take care of your diet

Know that certain foods are particularly effective in fighting against brittle or weakened nails. Wheat germ or brewer’s yeast will strengthen your nails and hair, as they are full of vitamin B. Zinc and iron are also essential for the beauty of your nails.

Moisturize your nails regularly

The same way you nourish your hands, regularly moisturizing her nails is important. This action makes it possible to strengthen them. Bet on vegetable oils such as sweet almond or castor oil which will repair them in depth.

Push back cuticles

It is simply the small thick membrane that covers the top of the nail. Pushing back the cuticles is above all an aesthetic gesture to be carried out before applying the varnish. For neat nails, use a cuticle pusher after softening the skin in warm water.

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File your nails

Filing your nails is a basic gesture that helps remove the damaged end and stimulate regrowth. It is recommended to file your nails rather than cut them with nail clippers or scissors. To properly file, proceed slowly and always in the same direction.

Dont neglect the base coat

Impossible to ignore the base coat when it comes to taking care of your nails. This product protects the nails before applying the varnish. In addition, it nourishes them, hardens them and protects them against yellowing and other external attacks.

You will have understood how to take care of his nails. Remember that there is no perfect manicure without having perfectly cared for nails beforehand. Bring your manicure kit and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need in Maryton supply.

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