Why put false nails on your feet?

The installation of false nails on the feet has the wind in its sails. The latter are often neglected and gel or resin nails can beautify them. Why wear fake nails on your feet? What precautions should be taken? In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you tips.

False nails on the feet: the reasons to give in to temptation

False nails on the feet are less popular than false nails on the hands. However, the beauty of the feet is just as important. It is possible to put false nails in gel or resin on the nails of your little feet. In addition, toenails can be soft, brittle or even very short. The application of a gel or a resin is therefore an excellent way to reconstruct a toenail and thus help it to grow.

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Some precautions to take before applying false nails on the feet

The first step before applying false nails on the feet is to prepare them. Thus, you take a moment for yourself, to relax. Make sure you choose the right capsule size. False nails should also be short if you decide to do a pose on your feet at any time other than summer. Finally, to avoid any risk of infection or mycosis, it is not recommended to apply false nails yourself.

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