Nude nails, guaranteed success

Sober and chic, nude nails are trendy in summer and winter alike. It is possible to have fun with nude nails, but also to remain discreet. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

What benefits?

Nude nails allow those who wear them to wear a discreet look, but also neat. They beautify the hands and sublimate the nails, without attracting attention. On natural or gel nails, nude highlights all shapes, without appearing too elaborate. In addition, it is suitable for any type of event and any outfit.

How to choose your nude varnish?

This varnish is chosen according to your complexion. Fair skin will be enhanced by peach, apricot, pink and light beige tones. For those with a matte complexion, you should try to warm up the whole thing a little more, using a honey, sand or cream varnish. For black skin, prefer a candied chestnut or milk chocolate.

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Original in nude

You can choose to apply two different shades, on every other nail. One can also be glossy, and the other matte. You can also make nail decoration, such as gold beads or other jewelry. You can also opt for one or more glitter nails, in gold or silver tones, depending on the varnish placed next to it. The French manicure is also revisited in nude tones. Fall for a pale pink on all the nails and a rose gold varnish on the free edge. You can also reverse it, by applying a glittery silver color polish at the lunula of the nails.

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