Artsy French Manicure: the revival of the French

The French Manicure, everyone knows. The pink nail, at the end very white. It couldn’t be more classic. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you everything about Artsy French Manicure.

The French Manicure is the basic manicure, the one that gives us neat, clean and elegant nails. Only here, these pink nails with the white border still lack originality! With the rise of nail art, the French had been one of the first targets by taking colors, either to replace the white varnish on the tip of the nail, or to create a colorful French Manicure, much more pop.

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The Artsy French Manicure, the new nail-art trend

Today, nail artists go much further than a simple touch of color to wake up the French: the tips of our nails are transformed into a real canvas to create patterns.

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