Nail prosthetist: all about nail filling

When your client makes an appointment to apply false nails (gel or resin), it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance afterwards in order to guarantee their beauty. Today, let’s talk about nail filling!

What is a nail filler?

This technique keeps the natural nails healthy. When the natural nail begins to grow back, a gap appears between the finger and the false nail that has been applied. Filling fills in that gap that is starting to form and thus helps the false nails last much longer.

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What are the stage of a nail filling?

The professional nail technician must follow different steps:

  • First of all, it is necessary to prepare the nails by pushing back the cuticles and cutting the cravings;
  • Then, file the nail to restore its shape;
  • Apply a desiccant which allows you to prepare the nail before applying gel;
  • Then reconstructing the nail and filling it. This step consists of applying gel to the gap that has been created between the false nail and the cuticle;
  • Finally, to complete the filling, the professional applies a coat of transparent varnish to obtain a more aesthetic result.

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