Bling Nail Designs

Those who are bored of coloring their nails only with nail polish and are interested in Nail Art can animate their nails with their own simple methods. Today, this blog will inform you with some widely used methods to give you amazing results.

Foil and Water Transfer Sticker:

The foils, which can be transferred to the nail after foil transfer nail polish has been applied. Although it is a simple method, it produces surprising results. While foils usually come in gold and silver colors, there are hundreds of sticker alternatives.

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Printing plate transfer:

In the printing plate transfer method, the medium is taken from the pattern plates and the transfer apparatus. You can transfer the design of your plate to the base in the color of your choice.

Free Drawing:

You can animate your nails with different colors; You can even create a paint on your fingernails depending on your dexterity. Of course, there are some tricks to this method.

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Embellishment with stones, stamps, beads:

In this method, you can use any color and size material you want. Create your own pattern and start gluing your stones. You can decorate the designs you have created with other methods with stones and similar materials.

We hope you liked this article and that it will inspire you for future. In addition to these, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit to care for your hand in daily life.

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