Why take precautions when removing semi-permanent varnish?

The semi-permanent nail polish allows you to obtain pretty colored nails for a long time. However, its removal is not so safe and convenient. You applied semi-permanent nail polish in the institute and you wonder how to remove it? Don’t be panic! Your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you why take precautions when removing semi-permanent varnish.

As it is designed to last longer than a classic varnish and because of its particularity, the semi-permanent cannot be removed with standard solvent. It is therefore advisable to have it removed by a beautician who has the equipment and products necessary for removal.

When removing semi-permanent nail polish from a client, it is important to pay attention to the method used. Indeed, without it, the nails will be damaged and much more fragile. Under no circumstances should it be scraped or pulled on without suitable equipment.

In addition, you also need a gentle manicure kit to take care of your nails on a daily basis.

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