Why choose a nail file?

Nail technicians have several types of nail files in their possession, because each has a specific role. Straight or ergonomic in shape, it is an essential accessory for the nails. The files allow not only to work the free edge of the natural and/or artificial nail, but also to perfect the modeling of the false nails.

The nail file has several advantages. First, it doesn’t attack the nail, if its material and the chosen grain are adapted to the type of nails to be shortened, whether natural or artificial. The nail file is a gentle solution to make nails shorter.

In addition to being able to shorten the nails, the file gives them the desired shape. Indeed, the use of the nail file is often appropriate for the most fragile nails. In addition, it makes it possible to perfect the cut of the nails and to offer the hands harmony and a neat appearance.

The expert nail brand, Maryton, offers a range of nail files perfect for professional manicures. Last but not in least, always favor high quality manicure set to ensure safe work on the nails.

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