How to choose nail drill bits for nails?

There are several types of bits for professional nail drills. Each tip has the function of removing material from the nail, whether chemical (gel, resin, acrygel) or organic (calluses, cuticles, skin), but each has its own particularity. let’s see together what types of nail drill tips to choose.

Depending on the case of the nails, there are several different bits:

  • The conical bit, which makes it easy to remove dead skin, calluses and cracks thanks to its large grain.
  • The precision cone to remove dead skin around the nail.
  • The flame-shaped cone to clear ingrown nails.
  • The felt cone to gently clean the surface of the nail.
  • The cylinder for sanding and smoothing nails.
  • The sleeve to roughen the thickness of the gel nails.

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